High-end Collection

High-end Collection

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Very exciting news! There will be a high-end collection!!! In this collection all the jewelry is made of 14 k gold, 925 silver or gold filled material. All these jewelry will last a life time! And the more luxurious jewelry for formal nights out will be in this collection.

Besides these new jewelry, some of the popular jewelry out of the other collections will be 'transformed' to a high-end collection item! This means that all the material of the existing jewelry will be switched for the 14 k gold or 925 silver material.

Now we are very busy preparing everything, so more news will follow! But here is a little preview and behind the scenes photos of the new collection! We are very excited!

A look behind the scenes!

Relaxation & inspiration

Besides all that work I also take care of myself with big healthy lunches, getting out there and finding inspiration, light delicious scented candles and drink fruit tea! On the photos I am drinking a raspberry smoothie in a very dreamy and Walt Disney-like tea garden. I really love it there. It's almost to beautiful to be true!