New content, new material & new developments!

New content, new material & new developments!

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We are back online! And with all new beautiful pictures. We are very excited about the look and feel of the new layout and hope you are too, of course.

We are especially happy about the new developments that have taken place. We can now offer a part of the High-End Collection in pure 14k gold! The products that can be ordered in 14k gold are marked with a yellow ribbon around the photo. You can also click in the sidebar of the shop if you wish to only view the 14k gold jewelry.
We did have to increase the shipping costs a bit, to 9.50 euros, because of security during transmission. These orders will be shipped insured. You will have to give your signature for receiving and you will receive a track & trace code. Also, these orders will be sent in a box, not an envelope. We decided this because these products contain real gold and precious stones such as rubies and sapphires. These are very valuable.

Besides the new material, we now have a 'What's your inspiration? "book online. Herein we will sporadically publish text, drawings and photographs of things that have inspired us for this collection, and future collections. You can view the book at the bottom left of the website. We will soon publish Lookbooks in this way as well.

You will also find news on fashion, like the last Chanel fashion show, and beautiful pictures with spoilers!

All in all, we are very excited, and we will soon have more exciting news to share with you. We would also very much appreciate any feedback you have on our site!