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Recently it has become possible not only to share our products and messages through the usual social media, but also via Whatsapp!

Open www.brigittedam.com on your phone and look for the product you want to share.

When you have selected your product, you arrive at the product page with information about the jewelry piece. Scroll down for the share possibilities.

Here you see an overview of the share possibilities at Brigitte Dam Jewelry Design. Click on the Whatsapp icon.

After clicking on the Whatsapp icon, the phone will switch to your Whatsapp program on your phone.

The sample photos were taken with an Iphone but will phone look almost identical on any device! The images are in Dutch but pretty self explanatory.

After this you will see your contacts whom you've recently had contact with. Select the person you want to share this product with.

Now you see a pop-up screen. Select 'Send'.

In your conversation you can see the link to the product in your textarea. Click 'Send'.

After this, the link as been send to your contact. The receiver can view your product directly by clicking the link!