It is very important you read the following instructions carefully for the maintenance of your jewelry. We are not liable for any damage caused by wearing the jewelry or by incorrect/improper use.

Use advice

  • Protect your jewelry from scratches and dings. For example while wearing a bracelet and working on a desk.
  • Don’t let your jewelry make contact with hard surfaces and don’t put your jewelry on above a hard floor in case you drop them.
  • Take your jewelry off before you start excercising, you do household chores or other hard work and before you take a shower or go to sleep.
  • Put your jewelry on after you got dressed and take them off before you get undressed.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals like parfume, detergents and swimmingpools.
  • Avoid contact between your pearls and cosmetics like make-up, hairspray and parfume.
  • Avoid contact between your Swarovski stones and sebum, soap, butter and oil. This may cause the stones becoming dull and lose his shine.

Jewelry Care

  • Silver can easilybecome black, therefore avoid contact with sulphurous substances and chlorine.
  • Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals and do not use a hard cloth. But use only lukewarm water without any chemical additives.
  • Polish your Swarovski stones and jewelry regularly with a soft cloth to keep them shining.
  • Discoloring of pearls, silver and gold is possible by normal use.


  • Keep your jewelry in the original packaging and only keep 1 jewelry at the time in a bag so they will not collide and damage each other.
  • do not keep your jewelry on hard surfaces or in direct sunlight.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us via the contact form.